• 13 Sep 2012, News
  • Composing a Symphony of Hope
  • Composing a Symphony of Hope December 14, 1997 | PATT MORRISON A few singular stories pop up on my radar that make me want to cast aside the brassy halo of journalistic restraint and write something along the lines of this: Get off your fat wallets and do something! The most recent of these is Yvette M. Devereaux's, and before I tell you what she needs, I'll tell you what she does: In Compton, the city where she grew up, a community where the public schools are not quite so ...
  • 12 Sep 2012, News
  • Review of the Gerald Wilson Jazz Orchestra
  • "...There was another classical piece, “Variations on a Theme by Puccini,” which featured violinist Devereaux, now comfortably adapted into the sound mix, as well as the two bari sax players , Taylor and Landry ... Anthony Wilson and Yvette Devereaux took over from there with a down and dirty string duel that had the audience howling. By the end, all the horns were standing, drummer Mel Lee was maintaining some type of order in the back, and the crowd was on their feet as well.  Gerald Wilson ...